The Cottage and Backyard Show | Tar And Chip Ottawa

We tend to attract a lot of attention at these shows. We hear hundreds of people per day walking through the venue read aloud “The Smart Way to Pave” and come over to chat.

Here we have a group speaking to our foremen about our service. They hear our process, ask questions and sign up for a quotation. We have over 230 of you to thank from this years shows as we head into our 2014 season. We really appreciate it and can’t wait to build your driveways!

Wha’ts new

Do you live in the city? Keep reading.

We have a new proprietary process by which we are able to build or rebuild a better driveway from scratch.

  1. We start with our Smart Base Construction – prepare as you would for asphalt but add two types of liquid asphalt blends to the base during construction for increased strength and longevity.
  2. Pave a triple layer tar and chip over the surface of the base: accounting for flow of water, perimeter protection and grade.
  3. We then offer the option to :
  • Apply a clear coat seal to strengthen the pavement but also maintain the natural stone look.
  • Apply a hard but smooth finishing black seal to mimic a finished asphalt driveway.

PSSST: Option B is essential if you’re getting asphalt quotes: save money on better pavement!