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If you’re a Contractor, Architect, Urban Developer, Material Distributor, Franchisor or Investor, please email the office directly:

Recruitment Opportunities:

Paving, grading, construction, marketing, project management, paving estimator, roofing estimator, landscaping estimator, growth hackers and business executives… we want to hear from you.


On Site, with Equipment:

Crew Foreman – Challenge yourself by being the leader of a world-changing construction crew.  Being a foreman entitles you to perks such as inclusion on our comprehensive benefits program, company phone, company vehicle, quality assurance bonus’s, TAC Business parties and trips. Status – Active: We are currently hiring in Ottawa paving.

Paving Technician –  Do you have the skill and mindset to contribute to our revolutionary pavements?  Join our dynamic team of professionals and receive all the perks and benefits of being an employee with our growing company. Status – Active: We are currently hiring in Ottawa paving.

Asphalt Paver – Do you have experience in commercial asphalt paving? Can you run a paver start to finish on sidewalks, parking lots, roads or driveways? Tell us about it and together we can grow to open new doors to endless opportunity. Status – Active: We are currently hiring in Ottawa for Asphalt Paving.

Labourer –  Kick start your long-term construction career by joining a crew as a general labourer.  There’s lots of room for growth and all the perks of being a part of our top quality team. Status – Active: We are currently hiring in Ottawa paving.



TAC Pavement Estimator – We provide the leads, you make the deals. Listen to the client to understand their needs, offer solutions, communicate effectively and handle your business. Depending on your abilities, this can range from residential home owners to commercial property owners, architectural firms, urban developers, car dealerships and municipal projects. This role will offer an exciting balance of construction knowledge and engaging commerce. With a great attitude and sales experience, we can train you to acquire the appropriate knowledge base. Status – Active: We are currently hiring an Ottawa pavement pricing estimator for this position.

Project Leader – Lead our TAC crews and partners to exceed our clients expectations with every project, residential or commercial.  Accept responsibility for extensive project details, communicate with the office, our estimators and our Operations Officer to ensure success for our customers. Stay focused in this fast-paced role and maintain attention to detail to optimize our teams. Routinely audit the crews for safety and be ready to adapt to new situations on the fly; it’s paving season! Status – Passive: Please tell us why you’d be great for this position and we will contact you when a position is open.

Director of Business Development – Marketing campaigns, growth and lunch and learn presentations. Be the face of this company and own your city: Toronto, Gatineau, Ottawa, Vancouver –  Expand our market share and our construction teams will take care of the rest. Represent TAC Canada Inc to large and specialized key accounts such as Architectural firms, Urban Developers, Municipal Treasurers, Landscape Designers, Exterior Consultants, Insurance Companies, and Property Management Companies. We give you the tools to help us grow and together we will do great things.  Status – Active: We are currently recruiting for this position in each city listed.

General Manager –  Lead  the TAC Team to success.  You are responsible for all day to day operations, including the positions summarized above. You are meticulous, detail oriented and process driven. You’re great with customers and team members. The success of each team and project is dependant on your pro-active planning. Your actions are decisive and calculated. Even though you’ve put together a well thought out plan for every day, week, month and season, you’re able to adjust on the fly when things don’t go as planned. You’re determined to deliver bottom line results. Status – Passive: We are passively recruiting for this position.  Your application will be stored for future reference and future hiring initiatives.

CEO – You steer the ship. We have proprietary materials and services with high demand and we are growing rapidly. Drive us to success.   Your macro oriented mind is responsible for the big picture and growth. You have our company’s direction, it’s planning and it’s effective execution in your hands. Time is of the essence in this industry, but you will find that we have brought our business to a unique situation. Therefore we need a unique mind to propel us into an even brighter future through executive decision making and strategy. You set the tone for this Team and it’s future.

Status – Passive: We are passively recruiting for this position.  Your application will be stored for future reference and future hiring initiatives.



We are looking for self-motivated interns who are driven to learn. Work alongside our executives who’ve grown this company to millions in just a few years.

The sky’s the limit. Let’s do this.

Entrepreneurs: We need to know you. Bright young minds are the future and have a big advantage over the rest of us. The sky is the limit for the right partner. Work directly with our executive teams to grow the business and see where this journey can take you.

Business development: Real work. A chance to create a business position for yourself. Understand our products and markets. With our support and your work ethic, the rest will fall well into place.

Social Media – We need a skilled social media mind to grow our digital reach. Be creative and have fun. Cameras, laptops, drones and media posts. GO!

Marketer – Ad design, target markets, reach potential, KPIs, story telling, human emotion, big data, Google, Facebook, Analytics and print. Get after it.


Tell us why we need you.