GemStone Pavement

Flexible – Durable – Stunning

Design Options

Red Granite, Blue Quartz, White Dolomite, Ever-black Granite, Brown Marble and more!

Time for an upgrade.

The upscale beauty of resin-bound surfacing and the practicality of TAC combined into one perfect surface.

How does your driveway look today?

What if you could have a granite, quartz or marble driveway for half the cost of interlock?

You’d have a more durable, practical and better looking surface for half the cost, but you’d also have one of the most unique driveways in Canada.

GemStone is a hybrid pavement of both Tar and Chip and Resin Bound paving. Tar and Chip is used as a paving method on all the county roadways in Canada as a low traffic pavement.

Tar and Chip has excellent longevity on lower traffic roadways because it’s flexible and the sun can’t oxidize the binder (tar and asphalt bitumens) as it is covered by stone. The way TAC deteriorates is by high-friction and traffic over time. Driveways benefit big time from this because they are such low traffic surfaces.


These stones are locked solid into place with our patented poly-clearcoat finish.

GemStone takes the benefits even further by addressing TAC’s weak spot; stone loss from friction over long periods:

Once we’ve built a laser-graded base and paved two layers of TAC, the final layer is built with a high-end stone of your choosing and a UV-resistant resin (used in Addagrip UK pavement).

The Polyurethane resin is unaffected by the sun, chemicals or salt. It’s much stronger than any asphalt binder.

How we can offer a 10-year Warranty:

Before GemStone, Canadian decorative surface options were very limited. People had two expensive options: stamped concrete or interlock. These surfaces have their pros and cons, but no matter how you look at it, when the ground shifts, your investment’s in trouble. These surfaces crack or get shifted out of place over time. Then there’s nothing you can do but completely redo it to get it back in shape. No thanks!

GemStone surfaces are constructed with layers of flexible pavement over top of a custom base, installed by our base prep crew. After removing asphalt or weak base material, we compact the area, apply landscape materials, reconstruct the base to an appropriate depth, install load-support base structure (used to build roads to oil fields in Canada) and laser-fine grade the finish. All that before we begin installing the pavement!

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Smart Decorative Surfacing

After the base prep is complete, it’s time to start paving. Our GemStone crew will arrive and begin by installing TAC 2.0 layer by layer. The base is soaked in hot liquid asphalt with our proprietary additives to increase strength and flex. Once we’ve installed the TAC layers, it’s time to get fancy. Natural Granites or Quartz aggregates are washed, cleaned, dried at 600 degrees and shipped to our facilities from all over the world (seriously) before they arrive at your home. The decorative stone of your choice is paved into the surface and mixed with our proprietary UV-resistant resin to completion.

It’s no secret that Ottawa pavement gets shifted around every year. That’s why it’s so important to install a surface that can be seamlessly repaired or resurfaced for a fraction of the original cost at the end of the pavement’s lifecycle. Finally, a high-end pavement without the sunk cost!

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What our clients have to say...

Frank s. says: we heard from a friend and thought we would look into it. Taylor arrived as confirmed and presented us we a very non-pressure sales presentation with answers to all our questions. Once we finished with questions, he then measured our area and gave us a c…

“Workers were great as was the experience.”

“I think we are going to get a very nice return when we sell the house. This was a big project that tuned out great. Good group of guys here.”

“We were impressed with this service and result. I like having the option to use your roadway process to make this driveway more like smooth asphalt if we want at some point too.”

Randy and Rhonda P. says: We heard about tar and chip Ottawa through a friend who went to the homeshow in Ottawa. We wanted to get our driveway paved, but we weren’t looking forward to the cost (about $3,000 more), time to install or maintenance of asphalt. Taylor came…