Asphalt pains solved | Tar And Chip Ottawa

DO NOT let an asphalt driveway take food off the table:

Our mission is to innovate pavements and to provide more value as we address the existing problems associated with asphalt paving.

Asphalt Problems: 

  1. Costly: the cost to pave asphalt properly in Ottawa has soared over the years as the cost of  asphalt has risen. Some companies are compensating by using sandy asphalt or paving thinner driveways.
  2. Maintenance: Our sister company,, has been maintaining asphalt driveways for the last 11 yeas in Ottawa. The average OCS customer spends $230-$360 every 2 years maintaining aspahlt. It’s not cheap and we see the same problems persisting year after year. Tar and Chip paving requires virtually no maintenance.
  3. Repaving: Having to repave an asphalt driveway is wildly expensive. The existing pavement has to be ripped out, base recreated and then new asphalt can be laid. However, with a tar and chip driveway, the opposite is true. Your aged surface can be renewed for a fraction of the original price of installation as we are able to repave a single new layer over the existing tar and chip drive.

These issues noted above are a great opportunity for Tar and Chip Ottawa to excel with our value proposition. We offer better looking, more durable, maintenance free, environmentally friendly solutions for less money.

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TAC Ottawa