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How long will it last?

  • In theory, forever. Tar and Chip Paving is used by the Canadian government on low traffic roads because it offers a greater lifetime value with long-term use. Driveways are the most low-traffic driving surfaces we have. First we install a load-support grid with your new base, thoroughly compact and laser-fine grade before paving. TAC Pavement is then installed to government spec for roadways with our proprietary asphalt mix and topped with a specialty pavement coating. Our mission is to make asphalt driveways obsolete and to do this, we are building the best driveway surfaces for the Canadian climate.
  • Because TAC pavement is created with layers of our proprietary liquid asphalt blend with aggregates on top, the sun is unable to oxidize the binder as it’s covered by stone. This keeps our pavement more flexible for way longer and thus is much less prone to cracking. Likewise, our pavements can be easily renewed at the end of their lifecycle with a cost-effective new layer. Your pavement will never need to be replaced, your original investment is no longer a sunk-cost and your TAC Ottawa paving surface will only become stronger in the long run.
  • New in 2017: Can you name another paving company that will cover their products with a 10 year warranty?


How long does it take?

  • Projects are completed in three steps (two, for Natural TAC). On Day 1, we will arrive to remove your asphalt and prepare  flat, smooth, fine graded and heavy-compacted gravel base. On Day 2, we install your tar and chip, complete with the surface stone colour of your choice, smoothed to perfection. On Day 3, we apply your Gemstone or TAC Black top coat and your surface is complete! You can being using the pavement carefully within 48 hours of project completion. Our team will use marking tape to keep unwanted traffic off the driveway after each step.


Can I upgrade my surface later?

  • Yes. Any of our surfaces can be upgraded at any time after the driveway has been installed. We cannot guarantee pricing for any upgrades purchased after the driveway is finished.


What happens with my existing asphalt?

  • Asphalt removal and disposal is included in your quote. Your new tar and chip will never need to be removed, so you won’t need to pay for this service again in the future.


Is the surface smooth?

  • Each of our pavements offer different surface textures. Our smoothest, hardest surface is resin bound, followed by Gemstone, then TAC Black and finally Natural TAC.


Is it less expensive than asphalt?

  • Please call to discuss. Natural TAC can be anywhere from more expensive (than what some failing asphalt companies quote) to a lot less than what successful contractors will quote. Be sure to compare us only to the best contractors who offer proper base work details, warranties and a great reputation. All TAC products will outperform asphalt and have a much higher lifetime value. ALL of our pavements can be resurfaced at the end of their life-cycles for a fraction of the original cost to install (rather than having to excavate and completely replace the pavement as with asphalt paving).


How much will it cost?

  • There are many factors that determine the cost of a project. Our team will be happy to provide a ballpark estimate to get you started. If you have a moment now, click here to let us know approximate dimensions, product of interest, current driveway condition and request a ballpark price in notes. If you’re happy with our ballpark, we can provide a formal quote in person and we’ll be in touch to set up a design consultation with one of our experts. Email us today for a ballpark quote: or request an estimate in person.


Do you offer a warranty?

  • Our warranty is the best in the business. In addition to our 10 year installation warranty, your project is covered with a proactive 24 month quality check after we install, meaning we inspect your surface each spring to make sure it’s looking great. We’ll leave behind a warranty card detailing anything we’re dissatisfied with, and you’ll be contacted right away for a touch up if needed! Remember, the way we get more business is by showing everyone how great our driveways look for years to come. Your best driveway is our best interest!


Is TAC easy to repair in the future?

  • One of the main features of our pavements is low cost of ownership. After 15-20 years of wear-and-tear, snow removal, frost, and ground movement, your surface may be due for a facelift in certain areas. Additional tar, chip, and/or sealant can be added seamlessly, and only as required, making repairs a breeze. And since we don’t need to remove the existing TAC, repaired areas become thicker, stronger, and more resistant to damage.


Can my kids play hockey/rollerblade/skateboard on it?

  • All of our pavements are tough enough to stand up to a good old-fashioned street hockey showdown. For roller blades and skateboards, our Resin-Bound surfaces offer the hardest, smoothest finish.


Can I see an example driveway?

  • You sure can! We recommend starting with an email or phone call to discuss ballpark pricing, to narrow down options and make sure we’re in your budget. From there, you can request a quote and we will be happy to send along some examples for you to see.


Do you install on roads and parking lots?

  • Absolutely. TAC Pavements were developed as a low-maintenance, cost effective alternative to asphalt, designed specifically for rural roadways. If you need a large surface paved, look no further than Natural TAC or TAC Black for reducing cost of installation, ownership, and maintenance. Contact us directly for a quote.


Will it be damaged by snow plows/blowers/shovels?

  • No. If you hire a professional snow removal company, you’re in good hands. Snow blowers aren’t as rough as plows, however, either will work just fine. If your plow company is using a very old plow (1990 or earlier) these can damage any pavement; take caution. Each of our pavements were developed with our Canadian winters in mind.


How long before I can drive on it?

  • We recommend staying off the driveway for at least 48 hours prior to installation. It will take at least three weeks for the binders to harden completely, so it’s always wise to avoid dry-steering and sudden stops and starts. For the wild ones, that means no burnouts or donuts!


What is it made of?

  • Natural TAC, TAC Black, and Gemstone are all tar-and-chip-based pavements, which are made of layers of flexible tar and a custom aggregate blend. Once your base is built strong and approved, we soak the surface in our bituminous tar, which fortifies the base and creates a tacky surface for the new pavement layers to stick to. We then spread a layer of larger stone and compact it all together. Then we repeat the process with another layer of tar and smaller aggregates, this time with the surface stone selection of your choice.
  • Our Resin-Bound surfaces are tar-free, and contain only mixed aggregates bound together with clear, Rock-Lock resin.


Do you also do install interlock, gardens, trees, retaining walls, and other landscape elements?

  • It would be our pleasure to provide additional landscape elements while we are on site to complete your driveway. Ask us about our landscape design consulting services.


Can I use different stone colours on my project?

  • Not only are our pavements physically flexible, they are also design-flexibie! Let your imagination run wild with borders, patterns, and even simple logos incorporated into your surface. Additional costs may apply.


Can I get my driveway in TAC Black or Natural TAC, but finish my pathways in Gemstone for a splash of colour?

  • Definitely. In fact, this is one of our most popular options for large country laneways where full-surface Gemstone is outside of your budget.


Can I park my heavy truck on it?

  • Any pavement is only as good as the base beneath it – that’s why we perform our own base work on every driveway before your pavement is laid. We apply a minimum of 6000 lbs of compaction as we install your base and pavement layers to ensure it is strong enough for heavy loads.


How do the payments work?

  • You’ve decided to move forward with a TAC Pavement. Congratulations! Now what? First, we’ll draw up a contract for the work and collect a deposit for 35% of the project cost. When arrive on Day 1 to remove your asphalt and prepare your base, we’ll collect your second payment of 35%. Once your TAC is installed, we’ll collect the remaining 30%. If your project includes a seal, 10% may be withheld until the final stage is complete.


Do you accept credit card?

  • Gotta collect those points! We accept Visa and MasterCard payments, subject to a 2% processing fee.


Can I keep the materials you remove from the existing surface, or any extra material left over?

  • If you or a nearby neighbour is interested in using leftover materials, old asphalt, or fill, please let us know a few days in advance of your project. We are happy to accommodate.


You have so many stone choices, how do I decide?

  • Our experts are happy to consult with you to decide on colours and patterns for your surface. We also offer Custom Landscape Design services, so you can see a 3D rendering of the front of your home including your new pavement as well as any new trees, shrubs, stonework, brick, gardens, interlock, or other landscape elements.


Do I need to be home for the work?

  • Our customers love being on site to watch the transformation take place. However, we understand that life can pull you in many different directions. If you are unable to be home for the install, you can trust us to perform the work and leave your property in tip-top shape when you get home.  



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