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The Smart Way To Pave™

 The story of how two students went from sealing driveways door-to-door to replacing
over 500 new driveways, constructing roads, parking lots and servicing over 4500 clients.

The Ottawa City Sealing / TAC Ottawa story by CEO Taylor Davis

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to find out more about TAC Ottawa. Tar and Chip Ottawa grew out of it’s sister company Ottawa City Sealing. I founded OCS in 2007 because I knew we could deliver a better customer experience in a more enjoyable way. When OCS just started we focused on asphalt sealing and repair for larger country homes. We soon became a major player in the asphalt business and met some smart people along the way.

As our company grew customers started asking us “you made us so happy with our paving repairs could you help us with _______” (fill in the blank). Usually paving related, we expanded towards our customers’ demand. Many of our client’s neighbours had gravel driveways but did not want asphalt… they wanted something more practical… something that would also get rid of all the gravel driveway issues and pains.

Frustrated with what the commercial asphalt repair market had to offer, we started to look to solve the problem ourselves.

Taylor Davis – Presenting TAC Ottawa roadways to our partners, 2014

The Cottage & Backyard Show – March 2017

We were hired as sub-contractors to help build tar and chip roadways on county roads. We learned the advantages of TAC Pavement and why the government prefers it to asphalt on low-traffic roads. We thought, “if this system is better on roadways it must be excellent on driveways.” We soon began paving a lot more tar and chip driveways than anything else and never looked back. Ottawa City Sealing became highly specialized and Tar and Chip Ottawa was born a few years later late 2012. 2017 will be our 6th year as a specialty paving business. We have grown every year we have operated but the last two years were by far the strongest. We now serve 4 paving markets from the economical TAC Pavement to TAC Black, GemStone and are now Canada’s national distributor for Addagrip (resin-bound) porous pavement.

We have done especially well recently by staying true to our mission statement “Happy and Impressed” by ensuring we always over-deliver on quality and customer expectations. Thank you for reading this far! Feel free to get a price today.

We chose our marketing slogan “The Smart Way to Pave” because that’s what some customers started calling it. We thrive on expanding our work to help and impact as many people as we can each summer.

Each year we have become closer and closer to making our #1 goal a reality to “make asphalt driveways obsolete”.

We’d love to build you a new driveway, pathway, patio, pool surround, road or parking lot! Book now 613-627-3833 info@tarandchipottawa.com

We work very hard as a team, every day, so you can be sure that when you choose us you can relax knowing that not only will you get a superior product at an incredible price, but that we will also be there with you to make sure you are 100% confident and happy every step of the way.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon.

Taylor Davis, TAC Ottawa

Kyle Pittman – Head foreman and project manager of TAC Ottawa educating the crowd at the EY Centre Home Show, 2015

Commercial Roadways – TAC Ottawa base construction before paving a new TAC Road, 2014.

TAC GemStone with paver accents – 2016 installations

What our clients have to say...

Frank s. says: we heard from a friend and thought we would look into it. Taylor arrived as confirmed and presented us we a very non-pressure sales presentation with answers to all our questions. Once we finished with questions, he then measured our area and gave us a c…

“Workers were great as was the experience.”

“I think we are going to get a very nice return when we sell the house. This was a big project that tuned out great. Good group of guys here.”

“We were impressed with this service and result. I like having the option to use your roadway process to make this driveway more like smooth asphalt if we want at some point too.”

Randy and Rhonda P. says: We heard about tar and chip Ottawa through a friend who went to the homeshow in Ottawa. We wanted to get our driveway paved, but we weren’t looking forward to the cost (about $3,000 more), time to install or maintenance of asphalt. Taylor came…